Sales Rules

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Sales Rules

Post by CrystalRose on Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:30 am


1) No Changing the Coat/Color/Conformation/Breed/Gender
2) No Changing the Show Name, EV must also be the Primary Prefix (EV Show Name Here), You are not permitted to add your Prefix
3) You many Change the barn name
4) Horses may not be Retired before the age of 16 and may not die before the age of 20
5) You must be a S3BA Forum Member to adopt a foal, Some Exceptions may be made
6) All Foals must be used for their intended purpose i.e. Breeding or Showing
7) If you no longer wish to own the horse you may send it back to us or re-home it to another S3BA member or Donate it to MVP

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